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I'm currently studying in my second year of graphic design at Glasgow Clyde College. Part of the course this year, I was asked to produce two creative posters based around the theme of "Dawn", under a larger theme of "Dusk and Dawn". There were no real restrictions with the brief, as it was deliberately left wide open for a chance of many different interpretations, in a variety of styles. Here are the final posters I produced.


one //

two //

Dawn. To become day.




This comes from an old English verb "dagain". It’s the time that marks the beginning of twilight before sunrise.




The awakening of the day. So with this I researched deeper into awakenings and more specifically looked at spiritual awakenings. To experience enlightenment. This is knowing beyond knowledge, reality has changed for the person experiencing an awakening and gives them a different outlook from before. Spiritually awakened people see the world in a very childlike way, struck by the wonder, beauty, and intricacy of something very impressive that other people take for granted and might not pay much attention to.



Another sign of spiritual awakening is that the world is a brighter, more appealing and beautiful place to them. In particular, they are amazed by nature. The beauty of the natural landscape, the sky, and the sea, and complexity of animals and plants.
An example of this comes from the Johnny Depp movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, where he goes on a psychedelic road trip. Through this I looked at psychedelic art styles and it allowed me to start sketching some ideas of the awakening of day through a psychedelic style.




Most psychedelic art is overly
detailed, with every little space filled with vibrant gradients and thorough drawings. 
I wanted to keep my page filled with a bright and effective colour palette that shows the awakening of the day, with a psychedelic touch but with a simpler shapes but still holding onto the extremely bold and striking feel. So with this style In mind, I experimented and researched ways of creating the awakening of the day. I did this mainly with nature, drawing different types of flowers and forest growth, the sun, clouds etc but still trying to keep the shapes bold and striking.

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